Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today the Sea-Tac Brony group spread the joy of ponies through a live re-creation of the PINKIEQUEST video (thanks to Willie Mobbs for the idea, planning, and 8'-tall Pinkie Pie), and it turned out better than we had imagined. Pinkie made a lot of people happy, with children and adults coming up to us to have their picture taken with everybody's favorite party pony, but there was something even better that left all of us amazed. True to her special talent, Pinkie Pie started a spontaneous Pony rave. 

A DJ had been spinning at the Seattle Center by the fountain, attended by a number of ravers and other party folk. They were finishing the set when we arrived, so the audience began to flock to Pinkie to dance by her and have a group picture taken. After the pictures, we went over to the DJ with Pinkie and he spun an encore with Pinkie dancing behind him and the audience dancing in front (the DJ himself was having a blast and began to ham it up). It really was just incredible. This video was taken with my Android phone and I have never done this before, so I apologize for the poor sound quality and my shaky hand but this had to be documented.

Huge thanks to DJ Antarctica for being so freaking cool!

There will be plenty of news to follow once everything has been processed, including pictures and footage of us following Pinkie through the streets of Seattle, but I just had to share this right now.

Pinkie Pie is truly the original Party Pony, and today she brought smiles and happiness to a lot of people who hadn't even heard of her before.

Friendship is Magic!


  1. This is too cool for school...

  2. Instant party - just add Pinkie Pie... :-)

  3. So glad I found the march at the convention center when I did! This was the best part of my day!

  4. Nice. So this is what that guy was raving about (haha) in the Gdocs chat for Fallout: Equestria. Cool video!

  5. so fucking awesome. I have do this now.