Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Site Updates

I'm continually refining this site, and here's the latest additions:

Added MLP:FiM Fan Merchandise link list.
A number of folks asked where I got my long-sleeve Luna shirt and my Soviet Celestia coffee mug: Brony Tees.

Added Other links link list.
Askpinkamenadianepie is goooood. I like psychotic!

Updated MLP Fanfic reading list.
Past Sins is completed, by the way. Yay Nyx!

Added links to my accounts on other sites.
     I use my SoundCloud account to keep track of any good Pony Music that I find, which I add to my favorites. I don't have anything of my own on there but check it out and see if there's anything you like. Support the Pony scene!
     Some caveats, however: there will never be anything using Autotune [or a variant thereof] on my favorites list. I have utterly loathed it since I first heard it in 2000, and my contempt for it is now beyond mere words.
     Also, while there have been a few 4-bit, 8-bit, chiptune, bitcrushed, and other such Nintendo/Casio songs that had great merit, please STOP. Or at least try to include other timbres in your music for Luna's sake!

     Last.FM is great for black metal, but is utter balls for finding anything specific like, say, Pony Metal (or anything MLP-themed, for that matter). This is likely due to how little is out there thus far - not to mention how worthless their "Scrobbler" app is - but I've found a lot of great black metal. Check out my playlist if you're also a fan.

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