Sunday, August 14, 2011

Song remakes...

In the interests of metallizing MLP / Ponifying metal, some ideas for remakes:

"Into the Gala" could be redone as "Into Valhalla".
Also, the front-on marching sequences would be great for a NSBM.PMV.

And I've been thinking about the different visual forms "Brony" could have if it were a band name. That is, how would it be stylized for use as the bands logo on an album cover? Black metal has the spidery, pointy, creepy style; Death metal usually has a more grotesque/less elegant look; Power metal goes for shiny and metallic with rivets; and so on. Anyway, on the Nordic theme from above, here's my best guess for how "Brony" would be phonetically represented in Elder Futhark runes:

This just needs a little makeover and it would be good for the viking metal genre slot.

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