Monday, August 29, 2011

PonyQuest notes

This is the first of my PonyQuest notes. A PonyQuest is simply a quest for pony-related merchandise in local (Seattle region, in this case) stores, and these notes are to help other local bronies to find these elusive treasures.

Today's discoveries:

Pony Collection Pack: The 12-piece miniature molded figurine set is in stock at the Bellevue Toys 'R' Us.

GIDDYUP Coloring Books: An awesome random find at the Kent Fred Meyer. What do you need when you feel the color draining from everything and the black clouds threatening to drown your mind? Pony Coloring Books! $3.99 each.

The Rainbow Dash ColorBlast book uses a "mess-free" revealing marker, and the Twilight Sparkle Rub-n-Color (ahem) uses an even more mess-free wood stick. Click on image for bigness.

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