Reading list

The sidebar list was getting a wee long, so now the reading list gets a page.

The quantity of decent-to-excellent MLP fanfics out there is absolutely staggering. It gets hard to keep track of them all (especially since they usually are WiP, so you jump around different stories constantly), so this is a list of the ones I've read and which one I am currently reading.

Fair warning to the unwary: I love shipfics. Cope or blow.

* = personal picks
** = awesome
*** = o.O
[Buttersc0tchSundae] = Well, if you don't know, then don't read 'em.
- = Nope, not even gonna try to finish it. Personal reason therefor given.

*The Warmth Under Your Wings, part 1
Single Wing - part 1
In Her Majesty's Royal Service Ch. 3
Abyss, Something Amiss Ch. 2
First Week of WinterCh. 1
Remix Ch. 1
Before the Reign Ch. 7
Inkblot Ch. 5
Two's Company, Three's a Crowd Ch. 40(43)
**Growing Pains Ch. 21
*Sunset Looms Ch. 2
Teardrops and Snowflakes Ch. 8
***Through The Eyes of Another Pony Ch.12 - One of the most hilarious fanfics ever.
*The LUNA Project Ch. 8
Sunset Ch. 1
Applecores and Rainbows Ch. 4
*The Night That Never Ended Ch. 16
**Endless Sky Ch. 4 (Scroll Down)
*Not Your Forte
**The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle Ch. 13
*Nightmares Don't Last Forever Ch. 5
**Celestia's Notebook (The Third Alicorn) Ch.12
I Kissed a Mare Ch.2
***Double Rainbow Ch. 24 (Appendix B)
**Silent Ponyville Ch.5
*Never Truly Forgotten Ch.4
Unfair Shipping Ch. 4
U-Harmony Ch. 8
Building Bridges
Breaking Bricks Ch. 2
Black and White
***Allegrezza Ch. 16
**Forbidden Lovers
Luna's Best Night Ever Ch. 10, pt.2
**The Spark to Light a Candle Ch5
Finding Friends
Merely A Mare Ch5-Loyalty.
**Pony Psychology Series
**Fragments (scroll down)
**Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
**My Dream Mare
*Mare in the Mirror Ch. 10 (scroll down)
*Out of the Blue
*Near Death Experience
When Trey Came To Town
*Newsworthy Part 5
Dark Equestria, Part 1
*Sunshine and FireCh. 5
The Empty Room
The Worst Bakers in Equestria

GORE - You have been warned.
Cupcakes (Google Docs)
Cupcakes (E.D., all links)
Rocket To Insanity (Google docs)

***I couldn't wake you, because you can never wake up again... [SAD] these fucking ponies man...
***Spark [SAD]
***Claro De Luna [SAD]
***Past Sins [SAD]
***My Little Dashie[SAD] Confound these bucking ponies anyway, ARGH!
***Somewhere Only We Know [SAD]
***Within And Without
***On A Cross And Arrow
***Half the Day is Night
***Sparkle's Law -Hilarious.
***Diaries of an Equestrian Overlord Bucking hilarious.
**Out In The Cold
**One Day, They'll Throw Flowers
**The Party Hasn't Ended [Buttersc0tchSundae]
**Mirror of Impossible Dreams [Buttersc0tchSundae]
**The Vinyl Scratch Tapes
**Common Sky
**Pretty in Pink [SAD]
**A Clever Pony
**Any Port in a Storm
**Shit Happens
**Changing Octaves
**The Sound of Sunlight
**Twilight and Rarity's Magic Book
**Whatever Happened the Morning After? (scroll down)
**Tonight We're Gonna PArty like it's 999
**The Light Never Goes Out
**Luna's Socks [Buttersc0tchSundae]
**Skittles [Buttersc0tchSundae]
*Kindness's Reward
*The Princess in the High Tower [Buttersc0tchSundae]
*Mistress of Midnight Castle[Buttersc0tchSundae]
*The Luxury Lotus Spa Follies [Buttersc0tchSundae]
*The Cough
*The Socks of Wrath
*Eso Sí Que Es
*Tonight I Shall Be Laughter
*Heroes and Ladylike Behavior
*Lost In the Crowd
*Of Mares and Magic
*The F-Grade Drinking Game
*Creatures of the Night
*In The Rain
*Under Your Wings
Diaries of an Equestrian Overlord: LunAsidE (Scroll down) Not as good as the first part, but amusing and ties up loose ends.
Scrumpy Apple Slumber Party [Buttersc0tchSundae]
How Lyra met Bon-Bon [Buttersc0tchSundae]
Turntable Turnabout
Apple Trees
Filling In the Missing Beats
Octavia's Power Hour
Swayback Mountain [Buttersc0tchSundae]
Derpy's Secret Mail Bag [Buttersc0tchSundae]
Accidental Bliss
Of Packages and Punches
The Sock Swap
Giggling Moon
Renaissance of the Moon
My Most Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle
Singing to the Moon
Pinkie Pie Oversized [Buttersc0tchSundae]
You Know you want it ... I think
The Setting Sun
The Running of Lyra
Twilight's Horn
Tabluna Rasa
Forever Is Forever - nowhere near as good as the rumors say it was.
-Kaleidoscope - ABORTED at Redeye due to Dr. Whooves and use of the word "British". Grr.
-Arddun Lleuead - ABORTED at Ch. 8 due to far too much of the plot being stupidity-driven.
-The Empty Room - ABORTED at Ch. 3 due to far too many asinine fandom catchphrases, excessive liberties taken with canon, simply being a boring story, and A FUCKING REFERENCE TO SELF-INSERTION AND EVEN ONE TO MORDOR SO JUST FUCK OFF.
-Oh, Octavia! ABORTED at Ch.5 due to excessive liberties with canon and fanon and fucking dr. whooves.