Sunday, October 30, 2011

Grimdark Archive

I've been working on compiling an archive of grimdark MLP art. The final page isn't done yet, but due to special requests, I threw together some quick & dirty Photoshop web galleries.

Thus far:

Don't be stupid, this is grimdark, meaning: gore, violence, blood, death, insanity, and all-'round nastiness - you know, the beautiful things in life - and these are for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY = 18+

Pinkie (439 images)
Fluttershy (23 images)

The previous links had to be changed. Use these.

Quick & Dirty meaning sorted alphabetically. Beyond the initial selection screening (whether I liked them at all or not), no attempt has been made to do anything other than find 'em, snag 'em, post 'em, and LOVE THEM.

ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. None of these are mine. Please direct any and all inquiries, comments, concerns, hate mail, cease & desist orders, grocery lists, and credit card numbers to Scorched Wing via the contact thingy.♦

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